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So I only have a few weeks to go before it officially starts! eeeek! I haven’t had time to develop my characters as much as I would have hoped. I work full time and run my own part time business…throw in housework and eating/sleeping etc and I’m running on minus hours as it is. I have promised myself though that I will spend 30-60 minutes a day on this during November… even if it’s just before bed. Some is better than none right? Maybe I get so engrossed in it that I make more time for it…Have you ever noticed that you can actually make time for things if you really want to? Like I’ll do the housework faster, or get up earlier, or just not do all the procrastinating jobs I feel that need doing.

So basically I’m not totally prepared as I had planned to be… but maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe by not planning too much my creative juices could flow better? Now I’m just trying to justify and make myself feel better about not having prepared as much.

Anyway. Back to my day job…

So which is the best way to write your story/novel? Good old fashioned paper and pen or typed straight onto the laptop? Everyone will have a favourite but there are pros and cons to both. 

I started scribbling plot ideas on paper originally, as my laptop wasn’t handy. But then I typed it up and threw the paper away as I planned to continue on the laptop. I’m a fairly speedy typer so it wouldn’t necessarily slow me down. I can save, edit, move paragraphs around and change fonts and size etc…which is all great but I do find that as I don’t carry my laptop around with me everywhere, I can’t just pick up where I left off.  For example at the moment I’m working out my characters traits so they’re consistent throughout, however with the info on the laptop at home and me at work it makes it difficult. Yeah sure I could write them down and type them up when I get home but I may just want to tweak a word or idea rather than add new ideas. 

Maybe I should use both, carry around a notebook for random ideas but then with some work saved on the laptop it’s not all in one place. At the start of this post I wanted to end up by saying I’m using the laptop mainly, with a bit of paper use, but now I think I’ve talked myself out of the laptop. 

Hmmm…. Yes I’ll give my notebook a go for awhile and see how it goes.