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So Day 1 went better than expected. I worked all day in my day job, then went to see a comedian in the evening. I got home at 11pm and was determined that I would at least make a start on my novel. But how do I begin? What will be my first line? So I switched on my laptop ( I figured that with pen and paper it would have to be typed up eventually anyway) and started. I was tired but just needed to get something…anything written down. And it flowed quite easy. Yeah sure… there will need to be a lot of editing done (I use the word ‘she’ far too often) but at least the story is developing and moving forward.

At first I didn’t quite like the idea of not editing as you go along, but it’s quite liberating. I know my sentences need tweaking and even re-written for some, but I have words…written down… with a story forming.

I only wrote 703 words on Day 1 but was pleased with the outcome. I have a general 15-20 point plot for the whole novel, so each new sentence is exciting to me. I feel like I am reading it for the first time as I write… I have no idea what will happen next… it’s fab!

Anyway I’m in the middle of writing for Day 2… so back to it….