So this is my blog about my quest to write a novel. We all have some desire to write and be published, become a top best seller and make millions from a movie deal. For me, it’s about achieving something on my own, through my own hard work, and if I do make millions in the process (a girl can dream) then all the better.

First a bit about me. I have an 9-5 office job. It pays the bills and is ok as far as having a non-‘dream-job’. I did ok at school and went on to college and university, but always steered towards the practical subjects rather than the more academic ones. I’ve always loved reading and am good at spelling and punctuation, but have always been let down by my grammar.

So what got me started on this idea? I tend to read a lot on my kindle and happened to come across the self-publish section on Amazon. Instantly, I felt like I could write something. In the past, there has never been a reason to…it would be a waste of time… no one would publish it… no one would read it etc. But this made it simple. By self-publishing an eBook novel, it would cost nothing and I would only make a percentage of what sold. Seems simple right? Well it is… once you have written your book that is.

So I’m giving it a go. And I thought I’d share my experiences with you along the way.

They always say to write about what you know or are interested in. I love apocalypse and sci-fi movies and books so it seemed as good a place as any to start with. I’m going with the apocalypse theme first…. maybe sci-fi for book 2 if I stick at this.

I’ve entered into NaNoWriMo. The perfect way to kick start this adventure. National Novel Writing Month. Every November, people from all over the world log in and chat and share ideas, word counts, motivation and support. The idea is to produce 50,000 words in November. It doesn’t have to be precise or a best seller, it’s a first draft and a way to get those first 50,000 words down on paper… to get it started.

So that’s it for now. Please feel free to follow and comment on my blog.

  1. Ashlee says:

    Yea for you! I’m sure you will love every up and down through the process.

    I’m contemplating NaNoWriMo this year, too. I have the idea just don’t know how you actually go about planning for the 50,000 words in advance. Part of me wants to wing it. And another part of me is looking forward to when people ask me to do something in November and my response will be, “Can’t, I’m writing.” 🙂

    I’m excited to hear all about your journey!

    • kmc78 says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Ashlee. That’s what’s going to keep me strong through the process.

      Good luck with nanowrimo too! have you signed up for it yet? maybe we can be buddies on there to help each other going when it gets tough. I have the same username kmc78.

      Some people wing it and some plot and plan so much that every aspect of their characters are mapped out. I suppose it depends how well you work under pressure.

      I like your November response too…I may steal that as my catchphrase for the month 🙂

      • Ashlee says:

        Just signed up! That means there is no turning back now. Thank you for offering to be my writing buddy. I would love to take you up on that offer, and I’m for sure going to need it. I tried searching your username and didn’t find it. Mine is aaa4848. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

      • kmc78 says:

        Hey! well done for signing up…that’s the easy part. Sorry my username is mc78. I tried to keep them the same but it was already taken. I’ve searched for you but it comes up as no match. Try mc78.

        Good Luck!

  2. phenweb says:

    Good luck on the writing. I was like you then an enforced work break made me re-ignite an idea from nearly ten years ago where I had completed maybe 25% of a book. In January I published my first book, in June my second, and today my third. Three different genres, three different styles. I have signed up for NaNoWriMo as well – not sure.

    • kmc78 says:

      Thanks. Congratulations on your three books! well done. That seems so far off for me at the minute. Are they on Amazon? Good luck with NaNoWriMo too.

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